Monday, March 31, 2008

Tile, Tile, Tile!

Today marks the first day of a long month. Marc has a big tile project he's doing for the next month, so we won't see him that much. He is amazing at laying tile. I had no idea how valuable it would be for me to teach him how to lay tile!
Today is also ten years since Marc's dad passed away. He has been greatly missed by everyone. I never met him, but from the stories I hear I can tell he was an amazing man who loved the Lord. He and Andrea raised a wonderful son. Marc just got released from the bishopric in our student ward yesterday. It was bitter sweet. We will miss the learning opportunities and all the wonderful blessings, but we are glad to have him sitting by us in Sacrament meeting. It has been a circus every week.


Brad said...

Sparkles- I know you are amazing!! I want to learn how to tile- do you think Jessica will teach me? Just kidding, but maybe I can come and watch your skills so that I can learn.