Monday, April 5, 2010

General Conference

General Conference was wonderful again! We spent the weekend up at my parents cabin listening to all of the conference sessions. I always look forward to hearing what our prophet and apostles have to say to us.
The two biggest themes that stuck out to me were number one, we live in uncertain times, but there is hope in the future and we can still find joy and happiness as we have faith.
The second theme, for me, was we need to do better at teaching our families the gospel. The home is where this needs to be done. We need to teach our children with purpose and focus and make sure the Savior is spoken of often in our homes. Jesus Christ needs to be the reason that we do the things we do in our lives. I was so grateful for all of the talks that focused on this, and I am going to work at being a better teacher and not just let life happen. I hope you enjoyed listening to conference too. If you missed some of it you can go to I like to download the talks on my I-pod and listen to them over the next 6 months.

This is a picture of the Nauvoo temple. It reminds me of family. Marc's mom is serving a mission in Nauvoo right now. I am so grateful that we can be together for eternity because of the ordinances performed in temples!